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Dear Friends & Customers,
Welcome to our Web Site. We hope that it will allow us to make many new friends and keep in touch with our many, loyal customers
who already enjoy our Restaurants. In 1979, our original "roadside clam stand" opened with just four picnic tables!
At that time, we made a very important promise to each and every one of our customers;
to serve only the finest, freshest seafood available
to give generous portions
to provide prompt friendly service
to keep our prices reasonable.
Many years later, we still stand behind this commitment. With the help of a great staff (many who have worked with us for most of these 29+ years),
we’re proud to have grown to 2 Lenny & Joe’s that serve over 10,000 people on a busy summer weekend.
With your support, we will continue this tradition for many, many more years! Enjoy your visit & taste New England’s finest seafood.
Take home a Fish Tale T-Shirt or Cap for yourself or as a gift (They’re high quality & very inexpensive) .
When visiting the Madison Drive-In, be sure to ride our authentic, handmade Dentzel Carousel.
We’re very proud that all of the ticket money is being donated to charity!
Thanks! Please Enjoy our Web Site & Come Visit Us Often!
Lenny & Joe



The Rock Band Barenaked Ladies
and a Fish Tale T-Shirt


The first Bluefish of the year arrived on 5-25-08
Wayne has been catching and selling us fresh native bluefish
since 1982, an incredible 26 years! Wayne is the wizard of
bluefish. He can find the fish when no one else can!

It can be early in the morning-or late in the evening...and Mike from Maine might be seen unloadingfresh steamers and clams from his truck at one of the Fish Tales! Mike is just one of our important suppliers who bring us the freshest seafood available. Mike is one our our major suppliers of Fresh Seafood from Maine!


From Our E-Mails

On Feb 9th we received this kind e-mail:

The first day we moved to Guilford was long, hot, and difficult. It was 7:00 at night, we were tired and hungry, and we didn’t know anybody. My kids were sad and I was grouchy and stressed. I called a friend who used to live in Madison, told her the situation, and asked her where to go for a meal. She said the place they miss the most is Lenny and Joe’s. I stopped sniveling and pulled into the parking lot. We ate, we laughed, the younger ones rode the carousel, and we were happy. That was a perfect ending to a tough day, and I will always remember how different we felt when we left.
Marian B

On July 29th we received this e-mail from Kelly in New Hampshire
Dear Lenny and Joe, My name is Kelly and I am the grandaughter of Petey and Joe Murray. One day when I came to eat with my grandparents, Joe gave me a free t-shirt......cuz grandma Petey says "you get nothing for free!" Thanks for the t-shirt! I had my picture taken infront of the restaurant "PETEYS" in New Hampshire. I also had it taken on the beach Wallis Sands in New Hampshire. Can't wait to come back to Lenny and Joes and get a lobster roll without the roll! YUMMY!

After Kelly visited again and added a Fish Tale Cap to her collection, she sent us the 2 great pictures below!
Thanks Kelly- We always enjoy seeing you when you visit your Grandparents in CT!
You are a very good friend! She wrote to us:

I am sorry this is so late! I just wanted to send you these pictures, and thank you for my new hat! These pictures are from the Fisher Cats Game. ( The New Hampshire baseball team.) I wore my new 2008 tee shirt and my brand new hat! I love them both and wear them everywear! Sorry I missed you when I was there over the summer with my grandparents (Petey and Joe Murray)! Thank you again and I can't wait to come again for the lobster roll without the roll!

On July 26th we received this very heart warming e-mail from Daryl in Seattle Washington
We recently returned from our semiannual trip to CT from Seattle, WA, another great place for Sea Food, however, we already miss Lenny & Joes. I am originally from CT and visit home every 6 months. Both of my children, Tristan 8 ½ & Tatum 6, have been going to your restaurant since they were both only months old. Every summer they enjoy getting to pick out new T-Shirts. It is a tradition that will continue. I can always remember my dad, who we lost 3 years ago, having his favorite dish…. Broiled Fresh Scallop Casserole. Having battled stomach cancer, he knew that this dish was way too rich. The day after, he would have stomach issues and we would remind him of how rich of a dish it was and he would just laugh and say, “I know, but they are so good!”
We all still laugh every time we are at the restaurant eating because of what Papa Joe would say.
See you again in 6 months…..
Daryl, Tristan & Tatum
below are Tristan and Tatum on the Carousel at Madison when visiting

On June 13th we heard from the Litos Family in Farmington, CT
We came upon your website and want to tell you that my brother who lives in Chicago comes out twice a year to visit, his visit is not complete
if we don't come for lunch on Sunday at the Fishtale in Westbrook. We have kept the tradition for over ten years.
You truly have the freshest seafood around and the service and atmosphere is fantastic. Keep up the good work.
The Litos Family

On March 1st, Bonnie G from Guilford wrote:
I want to let you know how near and dear L&J's is to our hearts. My older daughter insisted on going there for her birthday on Monday, not only because she loves it, but because it is a "tradition" that she established when she was old enough to express her desires. When we were sitting at dinner that night, she reminded me that we've been there every consecutive year, including her 6th birthday, which was her brother's due date. I think it was the lobster roll and clam chowder that coaxed him out the womb the following morning. He wanted to see what all the fuss about L&J's was about....!
Bonnie G
Our oldest daughter is Clara (she's 11 as of Monday, back right) and our little guy in front(who turned 5 on Tuesday) is Simon! Ellie, who's 9, is your pal and is back left!

On Jan 28, 2007, at 5:03 PM, Sherrie Neri wrote:
I just came across your website and I am loving your new building. I have been gone for over 14 years and now live with my sons in Colorado. We are formerly from Clinton, CT. Before we made our move, we dined out for 7 days straight at your Madison restaurant to have our fill of your wonderful seafood dishes. We haven't had a fish dinner out since then. We miss you terribly. You have done wonders with the new building. I am feeling melancholy and would love to visit Connecticut soon and your restaurant will be one of the first places we would visit. I can just taste the crabmeat rolls now sitting in your screened in porch. I am so glad to know that you are still there. Keep up the good work.
The Neri's


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